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The BJA SLATT Program offers a suite of no-cost, on-site, virtual, and eLearning training courses to prepare state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement officers to identify, interdict, prevent, and respond to acts of terrorism, targeted violence, and hate crime. By focusing on the importance of collaboration, community trust, cultural diversity, and law enforcement accountability, SLATT’s research and evidence-based program provides law enforcement personnel and key community partners with an understanding of the threat environment and the available resources required to counter threats within their communities.

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PREPARE (Prepare & Ready: Executive Planning for Agencies in Response to Extremism)

Increase Agency Capability to Detect Threats • Improve Readiness for Event Response

Level: Executives and Managers

Designed for law enforcement executives and managers to enhance agency threat detection and response capability to violent extremism, while enabling community trust through transparency and accountability.

There are no SLATT training events of this type currently open for registration.

PROTECT (Prevent & Respond: Officer Training to Effectively Counter Terrorism)

Observe and Report Suspicious Activity • Respond to Events Effectively

Level: Patrol Officers and Line Personnel

Designed for patrol and frontline officers to foster effective law enforcement response to threats while protecting the constitutional rights and civil liberties of all citizens. Provides a comprehensive overview of the threat environment to facilitate community awareness and participation in identifying and reporting suspicious activity.

SLATT PROTECT - Mansfield, Ohio (In Person)

Mansfield, Ohio

DISRUPT (Detect & Interdict: Specialized Roles in Uncovering and Preventing Terrorism)

Review and Analyze Threats • Improve Effectiveness of Detection Efforts • Share Information With Partners

Level: Investigators and Analysts

Designed for analysts and investigators to improve threat detection, analysis, and information-sharing processes while safeguarding privacy and civil liberties.

There are no SLATT training events of this type currently open for registration.

Webinars, podcasts, and other Web-based events

Level: All levels of law enforcement and homeland security personnel.

The State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) Program offers web events that address evolving threats from terrorism, targeted violence, and hate crime—keeping the frontline in the know regarding current trends, legal considerations, resources, and evidence-based best practices.

There are no SLATT training events of this type currently open for registration.

Self-paced, online courses designed to equip you to recognize and counter terrorism

Level: All levels of law enforcement

State, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement play a vital role in identifying, interdicting, and responding to acts of terrorism and targeted violence. The SLATT program has developed various online training modules that cover a wide variety of topics related to counterterrorism. To access these training opportunities, click the button below to be taken to your customized dashboard.

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